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Jie An straight straws are various in length,diameter and color.Easy and simple shape makes them ideal for serving with most beverages and widely used in chain restaurants,retail stores, and etc. They can be individually wrapped in printed or unprinted paper and film,and customs printing on the wrappers are available. They can be packed in different kinds of packagings and customers packagings are also available.

Straight Straws

Length : 60mm-1000mm 
Diameter : 2mm-13mm 
Color : Clear, Striped, Solid, Fluorescent, Metallic
ST062036x203mm Straight Straws6mm20X500Various0.080 m3Paper Box
ST062106×210mm Straight Straws6mm40×250Various0.078 m3Bag
ST062666×266mm Straight straws6mm40×250Various0.103 m3Paper Box
ST071357×135mm Straight Straws7mm10×1000Various0.142 m3PE Bag
ST072007×200mm Straight Straws7mm3000 pcsVarious0.032 m3In Bulk
ST072107×210mm Straight Straws7mm40×250Various0.108 m3PE Bag
ST072107×210mm Straight Straws7mm10×1000Various0.107 m3PE Bag
ST092309×230mm Straight Straws9mm40×200Various0.155 m3Bag/Paper Box
ST10519710.5×197mm Straight Straws10.5mm24×100Various0.061 m3PE Bag
ST12510712.5×107mm Straight Straws12.5mm20×200Various0.069 m3PE Bag
ST06210W6×210mm Straight Straws Paper Wrapped6mm20×500Various0.121 m3Paper Box
ST06235W6×235mm Straight Straws Paper Wrapped6mm20×500Various0.121 m3PE Bag
ST77210W7.7×210mm Straight Straws Paper Wrapped7.7mm16×250Various0.074 m3PE Bag
ST77240W7.7×240mm Straight Straws Paper Wrapped7.7mm20×250Various0.107 m3PE Bag
ST07245W7×245mm Straight Straws Paper Wrapped7mm20×250Various0.092 m3PE Bag
ST561977 3/4" Jumbo Straws0.220 in50×25017.02 Ib2.975 ft3Paper Box
ST5626010 1/4" Jumbo Straws0.220 in4×50024.47 Ib0.641 ft3Paper Box
ST061977 3/4" Jumbo Straws0.236 in24×38014.84 Ib2.524 ft3Paper Box
ST721977 3/4" Giant Straws0.283 in4×5004.89 Ib0.641 ft3Paper Box
ST04203PW7 3/4" Slim Straws OPP Wrapped0.157 in10×5006.64 Ib1.143 ft3Paper Box
ST41216W8 1/2" Slim Straws Paper Wrapped0.161 in10×5006.94 Ib1.413 ft3Paper Box
ST05197PW7 3/4" Jumbo Straws OPP Wrapped0.197 in12×5009.30 Ib1.766 ft3Paper Box
ST56197W7 3/4" Jumbo Straws Paper Wrapped0.220 in24×50018.25 Ib3.811 ft3Paper Box
ST56197W7 3/4" Jumbo Straws Paper Wrapped0.220 in10×5009.57 Ib1.875 ft3Paper Box
ST56197W7 3/4" Jumbo Straws Paper Wrapped0.220 in1×30004.86 Ib1.049 ft3In Bulk
ST56222W8 3/4" Jumbo Straws Paper Wrapped0.220 in4×5004.14 Ib0.812 ft3Poly Bag
ST56260W10 1/4" Jumbo Straws Paper Wrapped0.220 in4×5005.39 Ib0.932 ft3Paper Box
ST56260PW10 1/4" Jumbo Straws OPP Wrapped0.220 in24×50028.26 Ib4.946 ft3Paper Box
ST06197PW7 3/4" Jumbo Straws OPP Wrapped0.236 in24×40015.28 Ib3.531 ft3Poly Bag
ST72197W7 3/4" Giant Straws Paper Wrapped0.283 in24×30017.66 Ib3.786 ft3Poly Bag
ST72222W8 3/4" Giant Straws Paper Wrapped0.220 in24×30021.61 Ib4.462 ft3Paper Box
ST72260W10 1/4" Giant Straws Paper Wrapped0.283 in4×3004.93 Ib0.934 ft3Paper Box
ST74222PW8 3/4" Giant Straws OPP Wrapped0.291 in4×5005.97 Ib1.413 ft3Paper Box
ST77197W7 3/4" Super Giant Straws Paper Wrapped0.303 in24×30018.87 Ib4.154 ft3Poly Bag
ST79260W10 1/4" Giant Straws Paper Wrapped0.311 in4×3004.43 Ib0.952 ft3Poly Bag
ST12254W10" Super Giant Straws Paper Wrapped0.472 in8×30014.46 Ib4.061 ft3Bag
ST56197W7 3/4" Jumbo Straws Paper Wrapped0.220 in4x5003.99 Ib0.760 ft3Paper Box
ST56305W12" Jumbo Straws Paper Wrapped0.220 in4x5005.64 Ib1.127 ft3Paper Box/Bag