——  Social Responsibility  ——

Views and actions of social responsibility

Company uphold the concept of social responsibility: provide customers with quality service and products, create a good return for shareholders, treat employees and provide staff development, return to society, achieve harmonious development.

Since its inception, the company achieved continuous high growth and high returns to shareholders.

Since its inception, the company always treats customers with integrity, operates lawfully, deals with market changes with positive attitudes, continues to enhance its internal ability, creates maximum value for customers, pursues win-win situation with customers, and wins the recognition of many customers.
Since its inception, the company adheres to its people-oriented principle, respect for talent, hires talents, fully protects the legitimate rights and interests of workers, creates a good space for talent to play, respects for employees fruit of labor unremittingly, commits to creating a fair and reasonable incentive mechanism, employees and the company grows together. Meanwhile, with its continuous expansion, the company increased the number of positions and employees, contributes to a harmonious society.

Pay tax back to community with integrity, headquarters and affiliated companies have been large local taxpayers for many years.
Public-spirited, the company has been actively supporting various sporting events, sponsored and actively participated in disaster relief donation activities, initiated and called on the company team for donate relief to the critically ill and families affected employees, the company provided monetary support. (or initiated and called on the company team to donate for critically ill and families affected employees.