——  Corporate Culture  ——

     Jie An’s Mission

        To create value for customers and bring benefits, while making                      employees' needs met and personal value realized.

     Jie An’s Spirit

        Integrity, value creation, continuous improvement and 


     Jie An’s Vision

        The company and employees to work and grow together, become 

        a leader in its industry, create maximum value, and contribute to 

        the society.

     Jie An’s Business Principle

        Cultural education, goal management, system administration, 

        and fact based decision.

     Employing Concept of Jie An

        Sustainable development, platform around the target, eclectic, 

        survival of the fittest for talent. Rigorous formal legislation, strict 

        law enforcement, fair and open, hire professional management 

        personnel, select based on character, quality and performance, 

        require post abide by its terms . Build an efficient team with 

        high-quality, professional characters, and dedications.

     Jie An’s Market Position and 

    Goals - A Leader in Professional 


        Maintain its global leader position in plastic straw manufacturing,

        become the domestic leader of thermoformed food packaging 

        plastics manufacturing and environmentally friendly plastic 

        packaging R&D.