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Not only OEM products, we also provide:

1 Custom solution for food service and food packaging industries, which include custom printing and embossing;
2 New product development;

3 Product optimization: we can help our customers to optimize the materials, specs, packaging, cube for its products, that can improve the products’ performance or reduce cost. 

     New Product Development:
     Custom Solutions:
  •      Custom printing for cups, containers and lids
  •      Custom embossing for lids, trays, and containers etc

Product and tooling designing capabilities

Rapid prototyping tooling and formed sample capabilities

Product testing capabilities

Resin R&D and fit-for-use testing

Full experts and labs

Drawings or Graphs Provided By Customers
Printing Plate or Embossing Tooling Prepared
Product Ideation
Identification of Performance

Sample Qualification

(If Necessary)

Prototype Fabrication and Validation

Order Production
Production Tool Design Review and Fabrication

Product, Tool and Process Qualification

Product Validation
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